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3 Flooring Options for Your Home Remodel

Hardwood flooring in kitchen remodelOne way to make a dramatic statement when remodeling a home is by choosing new flooring. There are so many options and finding the one that works best within a budget and an interior decorating plan is sometimes tricky.

Carpeting has greatly evolved since the days of shag and indoor/outdoor as far as choices. And, while the 70s were the days of wall-to-wall carpeting in every room, today folks are more likely to use it only in rooms where it is beneficial – like a playroom. It’s hard to beat carpeting to help shield the noise level, offer a soft place to land and provide a bit of warmth during cold weather. Also, the nonabsorbent carpet fibers of today are less likely to soak up liquids from spills, so cleanup is easier. Cushy carpet is still a top choice for bedrooms as well. From Berber to plush and everything in between, color choices and pile heights are plentiful, so you don’t have to limit creativity by choosing carpeting. If you are an allergy sufferer however, carefully consider carpet.

Hardwoods are beautiful for formal rooms or rooms where rugs will be used. The type of wood will depend on the room’s usage. A library, for example, yields low foot traffic so rich, dark woods do well while a kitchen needs something moisture-proof and resilient. Hardwood flooring will enhance the resale value of your home and is more costly. Many folks, especially doing budget remodeling projects, will opt for laminates to get the look of hardwood without the cost. Laminates offer a pleasing look, are durable and functional but, like hardwoods, they are ruined when exposed to water, making the kitchen area not a prime spot for installing wood or laminate.

Tile flooring and clawfoot tub in bathroomTile
Tile comes in many forms: ceramic, marble, travertine, porcelain, slate and granite. Most all of these will do well in bathrooms, adding lots of character and charm. They are available in an endless array of colors, sizes, patterns, offering multitudes of creative ideas. Think of these type materials when choosing flooring for kitchens also as they are moisture-resistant and easily cleaned.

Vinyl and cork are additional types of flooring that might be considered during a home remodel. Vinyl is inexpensive and comes in many patterns often having the “look” of wood, but just isn’t the same. Also, cork is an option many are choosing for kitchens today because of durability and mold-resistance. It fares well with spills and it is antimicrobial.

Let the Handyman Professionals guide your flooring concerns when remodeling so you’re never worried about a thing.