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3 Trends in Master Bathroom Remodels

Master Bath RenovationTrends change faster than people can keep up these days, and that’s a prime reason to consult a remodeling specialist like Handyman Professionals when considering a master bathroom remodel. The team in place here can be a strong guide to make sure you don’t end up with a bathroom that will decrease the selling price should you ever leave your home.

Homeowners today must keep in mind that remodeled master bathrooms can create gorgeous new spaces in their homes, but they also must be functional and consider future families who might purchase the home. The perfect example is the trend of opening up the bathroom by ditching the bathtub and expanding the shower. While in theory it sounds (and looks) great, consider if it’s the only tub in the house. A young family needs a tub for bathing children and this could be a deal breaker. If other bathrooms in the home have tubs, then by all means, go for it!

Having professionals on your side means construction that will go smoothly with attention paid to home building codes, which are vital in your remodeling project. Below are some ideas that Handyman Professionals could use to create beautiful, functional master bathrooms anyone would fall in love with.

1.) One of the biggest current-day trends for master bathrooms is a walk-in shower with no glass. There is less to clean and no moldy shower curtains to deal with. There’s a lot of flexibility in this design depending on wants and needs – a bench could be added, shelving or simply some fabulous mosaic tile to bring grandeur to the space.

Built-In Storage2.) How about a wet room? This is really a great idea where the shower and the tub are encompassed in the same tiled area. It’s aesthetically pleasing, highly functional and increasingly popular.

3.) Consider storage areas when remodeling a master bathroom. Today’s trends love to show off fluffy towels, flowers and bathroom extras with open shelving or floor-to-ceiling cabinets that are enclosed on the bottom with glass-front doors on the top portions.

Get the Handyman Professionals on your team today by requesting a consultation. You’ll be on your way to the bathroom of your dreams in no time at all!