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7 Must-Have Ideas for Your Master Suite Remodel

Master Bedroom Suite“Your home is a living space, not a storage place.” We couldn’t agree more with these words by Miss Minimalist, Francine Jay. Your home is for family dinners, first-date introductions, movie nights and memory making. Whether you keep your clutter to a minimum, like Miss Minimalist would recommend, or you need creative solutions to pack them away, your home can be a living space with storage places.

Turn your storage places into living spaces with the help of the design pros at Handyman Professionals. While that may sound like a strange concept, consider this: A well-planned master bedroom and closet can hold many conversations, from homecoming dances to Santa’s first visit. A comfortable master bedroom and closet can be a place where families congregate for passing conversations as clothes are being pressed or your oldest son riffles through Dad’s ties.

If you’re planning to remodel your master bedroom and include a custom closet, the sky is the limit on features available in today’s storage spaces. The considerations below will create a well-planned space that’ll serve you for years to come.

  1. Built-in drawers save space in your bedroom and come with a variety of features. Thin drawers are ideal for jewelry and accessories.
  2. In closets, maximize space by adding upper and lower rods. This works well for hanging tops and pants. Include a section for longer items like dresses and long winter coats.
  3. Fold-down ironing boards are great space-savers and keep the task and equipment confined to one room.
  4. Shoe shelving keeps footwear off the floor and organized. It’s also easier to see when shoes need to be purged and/or replaced.
  5. If your space allows, install a bench for putting on shoes. This can also serve as a conversation spot.
  6. Accessories such as sliding belt and tie racks help keep clutter to a minimum.
  7. Store dry cleaning or dirty clothes in a sliding storage basket.

Custom Closet DesignIn your master bedroom remodel, consider adding custom built in’s here, as well. In addition to being attractive, they are great for storing books, extra blankets and even family heirlooms. Consider updating your bedroom with a fresh coat of paint, plantation shutters, new light fixtures and flooring.

When the remodeling bug bites, you’ll probably want to tackle the master bathroom to make your master suite remodel complete! Schedule an appointment with the design pros at Handyman Professionals to talk about a cohesive design for the storage spaces and living spaces of your master suite.

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