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Big Changes to Small (Bathroom) Spaces

Update your bathroomIs your bathroom square-footage-challenged? With proper planning, small spaces can be great places. The pros at Handyman Professionals have compiled these tips to turn your small bathroom into a spacious retreat.

Vanity vs. Pedestal Sink. If you’re looking for more floor space and an open feeling, then a pedestal sink is the way to go. However, in small bathrooms storage is at a premium. With lighter colored flooring and walls, you can still achieve an open and airy feeling with a vanity cabinet.

Recessed Shelving. Consider cutting into your drywall to create recessed shelving above your toilet. This can be a great place to decoratively store towels or even toilet paper.

Over-the-toilet Cabinetry. If recessed shelving isn’t an option or you prefer to keep the clutter at bay, install over-the-toilet cabinetry.

Shower vs. Bathtub. When space is your goal, go for a tiled shower rather than a bulky bathtub. But if you think you’ll sell your home eventually, consider what a potential buyer may prefer. Buyers with children often prefer homes with at least one bathtub.

Bathroom Remodeling TipsGlass vs. Curtain. Go for the glass shower door. Not only will it increase your bathroom remodel’s value, it also looks great and helps achieve that open feeling a small space needs.

Towel Hooks. Rather than one long towel bar, install a hook for each person in the family. This gives each person their own towel space and prevents an overloaded bar.

Lighting. Install plenty of it! Brighten up your space to make it feel larger.

When you’re ready to start your bathroom remodel, schedule a consultation with the remodeling specialists at Handyman Professionals.