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Four Home Reno Resolutions for 2018

2018 Home Renovation ResolutionsYou’ve committed to taking off that extra 10 pounds, drinking more water or exercising more in 2018, but how are the renovation resolutions for your home looking for the coming year? What goals have you set for your home?

We’ve got four home improvement resolutions for you to consider for the new year. Some are easier than others, but all will help you start bettering your home while you take care of your personal resolutions, too.

  1. More mess can equal more stress. Go room by room determining what can be tossed, donated or stored. If you haven’t used the item in the last year, it may be something you don’t actually need. To really make this resolution stick, continue monthly decluttering sessions throughout the year.
  2. For items that you plan to store, consider adding custom shelving and cabinetry in your closets, garage or even attic space. Handyman Professionals can help deHome Storage Solutionssign and craft your storage spaces to best fit your needs.
  3. Safety first. Ensure your family is living in the safest home possible. Perform regular checks of your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Make a checklist of items the entire household should help with, including removing lint from the dryer’s lint trap. If your home was built before 1978, test for lead paint. If the test is positive, hire professionals to remove the paint and give your walls a fresh start.
  4. Go energy efficient. Save money with an energy audit by your electric company. An energy auditor can inspect your home and provide you with a list of improvements to help lower your energy consumption. These can include simple tasks like adding new weather stripping to doors and windows, or more complex tasks such as replacing old windows. Let Handyman Professionals assist by suggesting and installing the best windows for your property.

These are just a few ideas for starting 2018 on the right foot. For more tips and information, contact a renovation specialist at Handyman Professionals.