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How an Exterior Makeover will Transform your Home

Craftsman Style HomeSometimes an exterior home makeover is just what a home needs. It’s easier than moving and can transform a home in dramatic fashion. While it sounds doable, however, it’s not for the unskilled homeowner thanks to tight building codes and inspectors. This is a job for Handyman Professionals.

If you are leaning towards a Craftsman-style makeover for your home’s exterior, you’re not alone. The classic, timeless Craftsman will create a new, fresh appearance and likely add curb appeal to the home. Here are a few ways you can achieve this look by adding Craftsman elements to your existing exterior.

  • Nothing speaks to a craftsman style more than columns. Columns should be consistent with clean lines and proportionate spacing and, of course, excellent workmanship using high-quality materials. Often columns are supported by stone, brick or rock bases. Perhaps you’ve seen something in a magazine that would look appropriate on the exterior of your home. Take some photos along for your remodeling professional to take a look at.
  • Low-pitched rooflines are another classic feature in Craftsman homes. It’s important to be realistic when approaching this project noting that changing a roofline can be a costly endeavor. Instead, you may consider adding decorative features to the eaves or something similar.
  • Porches are defined and tied into rooflines as well as other chosen features such as columns. Porches usually double as the entryway so choosing earthy tones and materials as a primary color scheme presents an aesthetically-pleasing area. Lap board is a popular material for porches so check that out. When adding a porch, think long and narrow along with statement gables.
  • Doors and windows are easy ways to lean into the Craftsman style. If replacing windows, start by looking at double-paned, energy-efficient styles Home Remodelingthat can be hung in true Craftsman fashion. When working with existing windows, adding shutters is an automatic step in the right direction. Also, front doors should be inviting to guests, a showpiece of the home’s exterior so look online at some Craftsman traditional doors to determine what you should be searching for. Typically, the top third of the door will have multi-panes and stains or paint colors should tie in with window shutters or casings.

A few additional ideas are cedar shingles, Hardie board, copper gutters and window boxes filled with flowers. All of these elements are typical for Craftsman-style houses and can easily be incorporated into your personal design. Request an appointment with a Handyman Professional to see what ideas make this transition easiest for your home.