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How to Create a Bathroom that’s a Living Space

Bathroom ChandalierBathroom trendsetters across the globe are offering hints of new remodeling ideas revolving around the bathroom as a living space. Interesting, right? The creation of such a space often begins with a design plan that includes sleek, modern furniture – yes, furniture – rather than bulky vanities with enclosed cabinets and the like. But, turning your bathroom into a living space could also be done in other ways.

After you’ve got the basics of your new bathroom layout designed with a professional contractor, it’s time to talk details.

  • Simplify what’s in your bathroom. Plastic tension rod-based, over-the-toilet shelves are outdated. Instead, try a couple of floating shelves for essentials only.
  • Take down those old light fixtures and add some dazzling chandeliers. Choose one without coverings on the individual lights to offer the most amount of lighting and use the same one in every area of the bathroom to add continuity.
  • Wallpaper has made a comeback! Choose a vibrant pattern that matches your personality and add it to just one wall, preferably the largest for most effect.
  • Replace a boring square or rectangle mirror with a flea market find. Choose a mirror that will transition into the bathroom space with a bold statement like an ornate or detailed frame. Consider painting it to go with the theme and/or color scheme.Bathroom Mirror
  • In an ultra-spacious bathroom, adding a sitting area with an ottoman and mood lighting is a viable option for creating a living space. Also, think towards removing that outdated vanity and opting for a repurposed piece of bedroom furniture (an old dresser is perfect) with distressed paint and new hardware. This will add character and beauty.
  • Talk to our design professionals about mixing and matching materials including woods, metals and fabrics. Replace flooring, tiles and ceilings with different types of materials creating a fun place to hang out while getting ready rather than just a bathroom.
  • Add a small coffee bar. Yes, we said coffee bar! Most people want their coffee first thing in the morning and what better way to create a bathroom living space than to make room for good-smelling coffee any time of the day.

A Handyman Professional can guide you through any bathroom remodel including something cutting-edge. Requesting an appointment with us has never been easier. Let’s get to work on your new bathroom.