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Innovative and Tech-Savvy Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom lightingWhen deciding to renovate a bathroom, consider how innovative and tech-savvy remodeling trends are today. There are some fun ways to incorporate a little extra excitement in the bathroom. Read on to find some interesting ideas to your creative juices flowing. Keep in mind, as always, the best way to pull off a major remodel of any room is by using a professional contractor who will keep you in compliance with housing codes, which helps the resell value of your home.

Many homeowners are interested in changing colors, vanities or adding more modern tile and fixtures when they consider a bathroom remodel, but in today’s climate of progressing technology, it is noteworthy to look at how these gadgets and gizmos might affect a bathroom without changing the functionality.

  • Ask any woman who spends even a minimal amount of time applying makeup, and she’ll tell you the importance of good lighting. While lighted makeup mirrors and overly large fixtures have been somewhat helpful in the past, today’s solution is more about multiple layers of lighting and even motion-activated lights that focus on where you are in the bathroom. They offer the right amount of lighting in the right place at the right time.
  • Make the “go” a better experience with innovative toilets that offer everything from heated seats to spritzing wands for additional cleanliness.Bathroom Remodeling
  • Showerheads seem to always be evolving and although you may be quite up-to-date with a rain head, there’s a new technology/product that allows programming of the showerhead for each family member. Choose from digital settings like pressure, temperature and the type of water spray.
  • Singing in the shower is so much better when you can listen to some tunes via a Bluetooth showerhead. Waterproof and perfectly cutting-edge, dial up some fun music for your next shower.
  • Digital faucets with touchless technology provide an option for conserving water and a quicker, less messy handwashing experience.
  • Waterproof televisions are also becoming quite popular and pair nicely with a modern, sleek soaking tub.

Any of these ideas sound good to you? It’s so easy to set up an appointment with us and talk about what projects you need help with.