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When You Know It’s Time to Build an Addition

home additionBuilding an addition on your home isn’t for the faint of heart. There are questions to ask yourself and considerations to be made before taking the leap and picking up a hammer. We’ve listed four of these questions to get your wheels turning.

1.) What’s the purpose of your addition? Has your family simply outgrown your home or do you need space for a home office?
2.) Is there enough square footage on your plot of land to facilitate an addition? Some subdivisions have setback requirements and square footage requirements that may shut down your construction project before you even get started. Check with your HOA and city building department before making a significant investment in plans.
3.) Will you build out or build up? Building out means adding a room at ground level and expanding the footprint of your house. You’ll need to pour or build a new foundation for the addition. However, if you build up by adding a second floor or an addition to an existing second floor, you may need to strengthen your existing foundation to support the addition.
4.) Are you prepared for the inconveniences that come with building an addition on your home? Adding a room to your house can be noisy and messy. Have a candid and honest discussion with your contractor prior to starting construction. Reputable contractors such as Handyman Professionals will do their best to keep dust at bay. If you’re expanding your kitchen, be prepared to lose access to it for a certain length of time, depending on the size of your project. This may mean setting up a temporary kitchen in your garage or another space in your house.

Handyman Professionals Tip

You’ve decided you need more square footage in your home, but believe a traditional addition will be too costly. What’s next? Consider adding a sunroom as an alternative to a traditional home addition. While the cost depends on the size of the project and whether you’re building a four-season (heated) or three-season (non-heated) room, a sunroom can be a budget-friendly alternative to a traditional addition.