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Renew and Repair

Proper and ongoing maintenance is essential for retaining and increasing the value of your home. Letting an issue go too long can mean big trouble! It is for this reason that Handyman Professionals provides you with the helpful preventative home maintenance checklist shown below.

Whether you are in the process of buying a new home or an “it’s new to me” home, or you simply want to take care of your existing home; take a minute to use our Preventative Home Maintenance Checklist. When you have accurate information about the condition of your home you have the ability to take the appropriate actions that could reduce the potential for major and unexpected repairs.

Preventative Home Maintenance Checklist

  • Check for water drainage towards your home: If water flows towards your home and not away it can leak in and cause extensive damage.
  • Check for exterior gaps/cracks throughout your home: Siding with gaps/cracks allows for unwanted insects and rodents to enter your home, causing interior damage and health risks.
  • Check for exterior paint deterioration: Paint deterioration can cause siding damage which leads to increased replacement costs.
  • Check for missing roof shingles: Missing shingles cause leaks which lead to damaged drywall and floors, or sometimes even mold. We recommend an annual check-up and roof maintenance.
  • Check the condition of chimney stacks and vents: These areas tend to separate or crack with time and this creates a possibility for water penetration especially during heavy rain and high winds.
  • Check the condition of flashing or poor seals: These also tend to separate or crack creating the potential for leaks.
  • Check the gutters for debris: Debris in gutters causes water overflow which leads to siding, overhang, and possible interior damage.
  • Check doors and windows for proper closure: Poor seals on doors and windows mean higher utility bills.
  • Check all interior and exterior faucets for leaks: Leaky faucets also mean higher utility bills.
  • Check all toilets for running water: Slow running toilets are another cause of higher utility bills.
  • Check the condition of the water heater: Fire, leaks or toxic fumes from a water heater that is not functioning properly is a safety hazard and a health threat. Plus, if a water heater is older and needs to be replaced, it can cause major damage if it leaks.
  • Check the insulation in the attic for voids: Missing or inadequate insulation causes an A/C unit to run more often and this leads to higher utility bills.
  • Check millwork for caulk or paint deterioration: This type of process is easy and cost effective for maintaining the appearance of a home.
  • Check walls for paint deterioration: Walls should be painted once every 3 to 5 years to keep a home looking clean and fresh.
  • Check pipes for proper insulation: Pipes should be insulated in the winter to prevent rupture that leads to water damage inside the home.