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Top Dos and Don’ts of a Home Renovation

Home remodeling living room with fireplaceThere are so many things to consider when taking on the huge project of a home renovation. The process can be overwhelming and downright frightening. Keep worries at bay by enlisting the help of a licensed contractor like the folks at Handyman Professionals.

Dos and Don’ts

Start by creating a design book, basically a binder where all things about the renovation will be stored and easily accessible for both you and the contractor. Things that should be stored in this binder include paint colors and swatches, flooring samples, pictures of fixtures and other things you like, inspirational photos from magazines or online, receipts, ideas and pretty much anything that has anything to do with the renovation.

Interview contractors — yes, that’s plural. Find one who fits best with your style and personality. This may end up being the first one interviewed or the fifth, but it’s important to find someone to work with who understands your wants and needs within the scope of the work. Don’t be shy when asking if they carry up-to-date liability insurance and if they are bonded. Additionally, keep in mind that the cheapest contractor may not save you any money if they do poor work. Do your due diligence.

Realistically research and set a budget. Even so, sometimes unforeseen problems will surface and it is imperative to have an overage fund for such emergencies so that progress is not completely halted.

Little things can be the big things so pay attention to details. You don’t have to blow the budget but choosing quality fixtures and finishes will pay huge dividends should you sell later.

Don’t overlook important additions that could make or break a room…things like window coverings, light fixtures, bathroom niceties, etc.

Don’t make rash decisions or cut corners if something doesn’t go as planned. Go into the project with a plan A and plan B so you already have options.

Don’t take on a home renovation as a DIY project just because you think you can. Keeping your home up to code and coming out with a beautiful end result is worth the cost of a qualified contractor.

Do you have your own list of dos and don’ts? Handyman Professionals can meet with you to discuss the best plan for your project.