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Why You Should Build the Ultimate Rec Room for Teens

Build a Teen Rec RoomBuilding a space your tween or teen can call their own may add serious bonus points to your “cool parent” status. While being the coolest parent on the block may be appealing, there are more reasons than that for building an addition suitable for the mini-adults in the family. Read on to learn some of our rationale for breaking out the design book to break ground on a teen-worthy addition.

Keeping them home. Your kids are getting older, they want their space but you want them around. It can be much easier to keep a watchful eye on the teen set when you know they’re just a hallway away in a game room. Creating a cool space with them in mind may bring the hangout to your house rather than a place you’re not familiar with.

Give them their own space. Involve your teen in the process. Let them pick out paint colors, flooring, lighting fixtures, etc. Add things like a pool table or foosball and comfortable furniture. Sleeper sofas are ideal for teen rooms and sleepovers. The team at Handyman Professionals also suggest installing additional insulation or sound proofing materials to the addition. After the teen years have passed and the kids have moved out, you can repurpose the room into a man cave or even a home theater. Sound proofing will already be in place, so the transition will be an easy one!

Game Room AdditionIts not just for the kids. The whole family will likely enjoy the new addition. When it’s not being used as the neighborhood hangout, it may be the ideal spot for family movie night or playing a game of cards together.

Add value to your home. Of course, we’re going to talk about adding value to your home! A well-constructed addition can increase your home’s value. Be sure to include a closet and windows so the space can be counted as an additional bedroom on real estate appraisals. In addition, including a bathroom is also a smart investment.

For more information on building a teen room on your home, contact the team at Handyman Professionals for a consultation.